Additional Enterprises

Ba’ja Gas

Ba’ja Gas, located on Fort McDowell Road and S.R. 87, features a 4,200 square foot convenience store, eight gas pumps, and one diesel pump.  Ba’ja serves as the “general store” for the Eagle View RV Resort and those on a vacation in Scottsdale.

For more information, please call 480-789-8400

Chevron Woman fills petrol into her car at a gas station closeup
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Fort McDowell Farm

Fort McDowell Tribal Farm grows and sells commercial crops to locals and even in national markets.  The farm boasts 620 acres of alfalfa, 1,000 acres of pecans, and 325 acres of citrus.

Fore more information, please call 480-837-2585

Yavapai Materials

Our goal is to provide our Customers with consistent high quality materials at a competitive price and to assure them of the best service available. Yavapai Materials produces construction aggregate, ready-mix concrete, landscape granite, and specialty sand products.  Fort McDowell Yavapai Materials have been used to build Chase Field, Peoria Sports Complex, and Troon Golf Course.

For more information, please call 480-837-2358

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